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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
••Q•• : Please inform about Eligibility & provide a Short Intro about the Festival.
• A • : Maximum Duration is 30 Minutes. Submission is Open to all. We have different deadlines depending on varying submission fees. Submission closes on 31-October-2019. List of films under “Official Selection” will be provided in our website on 30-November-2019 (tentative). Festival dates 12-15 December 2019 but this may be rescheduled to 12th - 15th December 2019. Final notifications on or before 30-November-2019.

••Q•• : What happens to my film once I have submitted?
• A • : We believe each and every Film Maker has his/her own creativity. So, it has always been and will always be our intention to reward each and every quality participant. We therefore appoint an independent selection committee to grade all submissions. All films are viewed by the selection team; the shortlisted films are meticulously evaluated again.

••Q•• : If my film is selected, when will I be informed? if not, when will I know?
• A • : List of all successful entrants will be declared on 30-November-2019 (tentative). Films not selected will be informed personally by email or through platform, as applicable.

••Q•• : You rejected my film, can I have some feedback from you?
• A • : Our team will send you a feedback about your submission status if your submission is in Competitive category.

••Q•• : I am having problems with the festival’s online submissions process. Whom should I contact?
• A • : Please contact our program coordinator at isff@modelnmovie.com

••Q•• :How will I know if 'Model N Movie International Short Film Festival 2019' has received my film?
• A • : The selection team checks the submissions very thoroughly. The filmmakers will be contacted if their films have not been received or were wrongly uploaded and they will have a chance to send another copy.

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