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Howrah Chapter (West Bengal)

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Festival Partners :

Important Dates :
 •  Application Start : 01-February-2018
 •  Early Deadline : 20-June-2018 (Less Submission Fees)
 •  Regular Deadline : 15-November-2018 (Normal Submission Fees)
 •  Late Deadline : 30-November-2018 (By Late Submission Fees)
 •  Notification Date : 10th-December-2018 (tentative)
 •  Festival Date : 22-December-2018 to 23-December-2018
Festival Partners :

Festival Venue : Map & Direction :
 •  Vivekananda Seminar Hall, 1st floor, Shibpur Public Library (2nd Oldest in India), 178, Shibpur Rd, Howrah, West Bengal, INDIA, PIN-711102.
Contact :
mnm.filmfestival@gmail.com / isff@modelnmovie.com

Important Dates after Submission ends :
 •  Submission Deadline : 30-November-2018
 •  Notification Date : 10th-December-2018 (tentative)
 •  Reservation Date : 15th-December-2018 (tentative)
 •  Festival Date : 22-December-2018 to 23-December-2018
 •  Award Distribution Ceremony : Evening, 23-December-2018
 •  Bill Reimbursement Date (If applicable): 24-December-2018 to 28-December-2018
 •  Last Date for collection of Certificate, Medals, Trophy etc.: 24-December-2018 to 28-December-2018

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Model N Movie International Short Film Festival 2018
Festival Edition The 4th Model N Movie International Short Film Festival (2018)
Festival Venue Vivekananda Seminar Hall, 1st floor, Shibpur Public Library (2nd Oldest in India), 178, Shibpur Rd, Howrah, West Bengal, INDIA, PIN-711102.
Festival Date 22-December-2018 to 23-December-2018
Submission Dates Early Submission Starts : 01-Februay-2018.
Early Submission Ends : 20-June-2018.
Regular Submission Starts : 21-June-2018.
Regular Submission Ends : 15-November-2018.
Late Submission Starts : 16-November-2018.
Late Submission Ends : 30-November-2018.
Submission Types : 1. Competitive Section : Compete for the winning & other positions & Certificates & Medals.
2. Non-Competitive Section : Compete only for Certificates and Medals.
Notification Date 10th-December-2018 (tentative)
How to Apply
1A. Submit your project Directly through online form from website (www.modelnmovie.com).
1B. You may also submit your project through other platforms.
2. Before fill up online form (directly), you need to pay submission fees through online banking first and keep a note "Money Transfer Reference Number", By which we can identify your submission.
3. You need to upload your project (1.5 GB max.) in google drive / Dropbox and provide us the download link in the online form.
4. in the online form you need give all details, like project synopsis(within 50 words), all cast details (Charecter name and Original full name and their contacts) etc.
Confirmation • After verifying all the details like, payment, project link Festival committee will send an email about your participation.
• You have to reply that email by attaching director image (JPEG,PNG format, file size 200 KB max.), and a poster of your project (A3 size recomended, file size 1MB max.)
• If Leader of the project (Director) is a student, must send us a scanned copy of current student ID (in JPEG format, file size 200 KB max.) and Institution details (Institution Name, address, contact numbers, website, email, etc.).
Genre All Kinds
Category 1. General : Any Kind of Project accepted.
2. Children : Any Kind of Project/Films made specifically for children are applicable.
Project Format highest video quality (if possible Choose SCREEN RESOLUTION '1080p'[Frame width : 1920, Frame Height : 1080] or more in any one of the following recommended file formats: 'mp4 or AVI or wmv')
Project Language The short film/project can be in any Indian/foreign Language. All films must have English subtitle for better understand.
Duration There is No Lower time limit. 30 minutes (1800 Seconds) maximum, including front and back credits.
For more duration Click here...
Production Projects completed only after 2010 are eligible for participation in this festival.
Student facility In case the project leader(Director) is a current student in any discipline. He/She can avail a nice discount for Submission Fees.
Leader of the project must send us a scanned copy of current student ID card by email whenever Festival committee demand.
Submission Fees per film
Early=>1st February to 20th June 2018
Regular=>21th June to 15th November
Late=>16th November to 30th November
General Submission : 15 USD (Early), 20 USD (Regular ), 30 USD (Late)
Children Submission : 8 USD (Early), 9 USD (Regular), 10 USD (Late)
Student Submission : 8 USD (Early), 9 USD (Regular), 10 USD (Late)
Submission Fees per film
• INR : India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Myanmar,
General Submission : 500 INR (Early), 600 INR (Regular), 1000 INR (Late)
Children Submission : 300 INR (Early), 400 INR (Regular), 500 INR(Late)
Student Submission : 300 INR (Early), 400 INR (Regular), 500 INR(Late)
Early=>1st February 2018 to 20th June 2018.
Regular=>21st June 2018 to 15th November 2018.
Late=>16th November 2018 to 30th November 2018.
Pay your Fees by online banking (NEFT / IMPS / RTGS)
• After making payment, keep a note "Money Transfer Reference Number",
• By which we can identify your submission.
Bank Name : United Bank of India.
Bank Branch : BESUS.
Bank Address :BE College Campus, Howrah, West Bengal, Pin-711103.
Bank Account Name : Model N Movie.
Bank Account Number : 1532050001090.
Bank Swift Code : UTBIINBBOVE.[For International Transactions]
Bank MICR : 700027304.[For International Transactions]
Bank IFSC : UTBI0BUSF63.[5th digit from left is 'zero']
Refund of Applicant's Application Fees. • Once Applicant's application fees is deposited, it will not be refunded unless the festival is cancelled.
• If festival is cancelled, then net returnable amount is = "Application Fee - Processing Fee".
Notification Date 10-December-2018 (approx.)
Restrictions • Submitted project will not be officially selected if Any watermark is present in the same.
• Submitted project will not be officially selected if Any type of direct promotion OR any type of Social channel, such as Youtube channel link etc. is present in the same.
Copyright Issues • By submitting a film/project in MNMISFF 2018, the entire film/project team takes complete responsibility of all kinds of copyright issues of the submitted film/project.
Festival Promo • 'Model N Movie Training Institute' reserves the right to launch trailers of the Officially Selected Projects in its Website and Social Networking Sites such as YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. by taking clips / Images from the film/project for promotional purpose only of MNMISFF 2018.
Expenses • Travel, Lodging, Boarding and all other miscellaneous expenses will not be borne by the Organizing Committee of MNMISFF 2018 and no requisitions for the same will be entertained.
• Reimbursement of Sleeper Class rail ticket fare from any corner of INDIA for any one of arrival or departure ( Alloted to Festival Winner Only, if applicable).
• Reimbursement of Lodging fare for 23rd December 2018 at any one of the listed 'Delux Lodge' ( Alloted to Festival Winner Only, if applicable).
Awards Please Note : Prize Money (if any) will be announce in November 2018.
To view the Awards LIst, Kindly Click here...
Organizing Team A. FESTIVAL ORGANIZING INSTITUTE : Model N Movie Training Institute.
B. Festival Chairperson : Padmasri Barun Mazumder, Professor, Journalist, Writter of more than 100 books.
C. Festival Director, Festival Controller : Debasish Mandal, Aerospace Engineer, Managing Director at 'Aerosat' Organization. More Details...
D. Festival Manager : Ranjan Kumar Saha, Mechanical Engineer, currently working as an Engineer in a reputated Multinational Organization.
Contact Details : A. mnm.filmfestival@gmail.com
B. isff@modelnmovie.com
About Judgement The decision of the Judgement Panel is final and cannot be over ruled or Challenged under any circumstances.
Map & Direction
(Festival Venue)
Awards Name
* In Competitive Section, ** In Non-Competitive Section
Available in National CategoryAvailable in Foreign Category
1. Winner of the Model N Movie International Short Film Festival 2018 *
2. BEST Director award *YesYes
3. BEST Cinematography award *YesYes
4. BEST Video Editing award *YesYes
5. BEST Sound award *Yes
6. BEST Actress Award *YesYes
7. BEST Actor Award *YesYes
8. BEST ORIGINAL Story & Screenplay award *Yes
9. BEST Costume award *YesYes
10. BEST Production Management award *Yes
11. Best Political Film *YesYes
12. Best Women Film *YesYes
13. Best Children Film *YesYes
14. Best Wildlife Film *YesYes
15. Best Director *YesYes
16. Best Documentary Feature *YesYes
17. BEST Sound & Editing award *Yes
18. BEST Cinematography award *Yes
19. Golden Medals for "Noble Work". * & **YesYes
20. 30+ Golden Medals for "Good Work". * & **YesYes
21. More Number of Screening than MNMISFF2017.*YesYes
22. More Number of Official Selection than MNMISFF2017YesYes
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
••Q•• : Please inform about Eligibility & Short Intro about the Festival.
• A • : Maximum Duration 30 Minutes. Submission is Open to all. We have different deadlines depends on different submission fee level. Submission closes on 30-November-2018. The date when you all know weather you film/project selected or not is 10-December-2018 (tentative). Festival dates 22-23 December 2018.

••Q•• : What happens to my film once I have submitted?
• A • : We believe that a film’s success is dependent not on its budget or genre, but on its core vision and the creativity with which it communicates that vision. The programs consist of these diverse visions assembled in an order and rhythm so that even in contrast each is mutually complimentary. We therefore appoint an independent selection committee to view all submissions. All films are viewed by the selection team; the shortlisted films are then watched again and discussed by the selection team and the artistic direction for the selection of the competitive programs.

••Q•• : If my film is selected when will I be noticed, if it is not when will I know?
• A • : All successful entrants will be notified in 10-December-2018 (tentative). All entrants whose films were not selected will be informed by 10-December-2018 (tentative).

••Q•• : You rejected my film, can I have some feedback from you?
• A • : If your submission is in Competetive category, team will send you a feedback about your submission status.

••Q•• : I am having problems with the festival’s online submissions process, who should I contact?
• A • : Please contact our program coordinator at isff@modelnmovie.com

••Q•• :How will I know if 'Model N Movie International Short Film Festival 2018' has received my film?
• A • : The selection team checks the submissions very thoroughly. The filmmakers will be contacted if their film has not arrived or was wrongly uploaded and they will have the chance to send another copy. As we are very busy during this period, we kindly ask you to refrain from contacting the festival to confirm the receipt of your material.

<•>Early Submission Starts : 01-Februay-2018. <•>Early Submission Ends : 20-June-2018. <•>Regular Submission Starts : 21-June-2018. <•>Regular Submission Ends : 15-November-2018. <•>Late Submission Starts : 16-November-2018. <•>Late Submission Ends : 30-November-2018.
Types ==> (Direct Submissions Only) General (Open)
Student & Children
For All (Open)
(India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Myanmar,.)
INR 500(=500+000) (Early)
INR 600(=600+000) (Regular)
INR 1000(=700+300) (Late)
INR 300(=300+000) (Early)
INR 400(=400+000) (Regular)
INR 500(=500+000) (Late)
• INR 100(=100+00)* (Early Student)
• INR 150(=150+000)* (Early General)
• INR 200(=200+000)* (Regular Student)
• INR 250(=250+000)* (Regular General)
• INR 250(=250+000)* (Late Student)
• INR 350(=350+000)* (Late General)
• INR 00*** (Early)
(Rest of the world)
USD 15 (=15+00) (Early)
USD 20 (=20+00) (Regular)
USD 30 (=30+00) (Late)
USD 08 (=08+00) (Early)
USD 09 (=09+00) (Regular)
USD 10 (=10+00) (Late)
• USD 03 (=03+00)* (Early)
• USD 04 (=04+00)* (Regular)
• USD 05 (=05+00)* (Late)
• USD 00*** (Early)
General > Any submissions will be concidered ||
Children > Project only for below below 12 years old viewers ||
Student > Leader of the project must be a current student in any decipline.
* Priority will be given for screening. May win Certificate, Medal etc.
** Pay additional INR 270 or 4 USD Per project (One time), To avail Project promotion facility Through Model N Movie.
*** (i) Terms & Condition Apply. [Who selected promotion Option]
*** (ii) Should apply within 20-June-2018.
Application Fees per project/short film = ( Selection Round Fees + Participation Round Fees). • If project duration exceed 30 minutes, then for every 60 seconds extra slot you need to pay INR26 or 01USD additional.
• Total project duration should not exceed 60 minutes.
festival’s promotional sponsor / partner
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