:: (5th) Model N Movie International Short Film Festival 2019 ::

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Submission Dates [Tentative] Early Jan Submission : 01-December-2018 to 31-January-2019.
Early February Submission : 01-February-2019 to 28-Februaty-2019.
Regular Submission : 01-March-2019 to 31-March-2019.
Regular Submission Extended : 01-April-2019 to 30-April-2019.
Late Submission : 01-May-2019 to 30-June-2019.
Late Submission Extended : 01-July-2019 to 31-August-2019.
Final Submission : 01-September-2019 to 31-October-2019.
Late Submission Extended : 01-November-2019 to 30-November-2019.
Competition Level
[Final levels will be updated December 2018]
Regional (Within Bengal).
National (Within India).
India & Neighbours ( India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Myanmar,.).
All Under One Roof ( From Every Corner of the Globe ).
This page will be updated after (4th) Model N Movie International Short Film Festival 2018 submission closes.